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Knee Testimonials


"Only a few months ago, I was experiencing a great deal of knee pain. I had a big trip planned with my daughter, which involved a lot of walking and climbing steps. You got me ready! I just returned from a 3-week trip in Italy without pain! I know I could have NEVER done it without Dr. Ken. He is truly THE greatest!!!"

Rena L. Patient

"I have been active all my life, either playing tennis or walking two to three miles a day. In my 60s, I began having knee pain and was told I would probably end up needing a replacement surgery. I began looking for an alternative solution and my chiropractor, Dr. Ken Horup, offered a new knee therapy! To my amazement, after completing the six-week program and following it to a tee, I am pain free! I would highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Ken to see if you qualify for this type of therapy."

Joan W. Patient

""The new knee protocol enabled to me to hike these arches in the Canyonlands and Arches Nation Parks! Thanks Dr. Ken!"

Diane R. Patient

"I'm a 60+ young woman who has sever osteoarthritis. Dr. Ken Hourp has been my chiropractor for 10+ years. Recently, I was scheduled for a knee replacement. Dr. Ken introduced me to a new knee technique; it's been a few months and I feel great! Dr. Ken has made me a new person through his professional, friendly care. I will be forever indebted to Dr. Ken. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ken to anyone who is experiencing knee pain." - Renee F.

Renee F Patient

After the Trial Treatment