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Neuropathy Testimonials


"I couldn't feel anything under my feet when I first started and now I can feel even a small pebble! I have always loved to garden. With my balance back I can now step over bushes and from stepping stone to stepping stone. I can garden again!"

Emily M Patient

"I responded really good, you can see on thermal imaging that my blood goes all the way down now and my balance is a lot better than it used to be. I couldn't stand on one foot on my first day, and now I can balance over 12 seconds!"

Jerry B Patient

"I am 41 years old, have neuropathy because of medications for my retina disease, and currently live in Chicago. I was very hesitant to believe anything could be helpful, but my mom who lives in the area and has seen Dr. Ken for years and she told me to come in. I said I'd go because I like and trust Dr. Ken, but I didn't really believe anything could really help me because it was just too painful to hope. I have now been doing these treatments from home for about 3 or 4 months now, flying in to see Dr. Ken on three different occasions, but there's already so much that's different. My feet used to be ice cold all the time, it almost burned it was so cold, and that doesn't happen anymore. I feel so much more stable, less wobbly, and I walk even better. My balance has significantly improved and I used to have to brace walls for stability, I don't anymore. I am grateful and excited to see what else will happen!"

Andrea O Patient

"Before I went to Michigan, I started off with Dr. Ken. He told me what to do and I did it faithfully for the four months I was gone. I have improved GREATLY, not only am I back to playing golf a few times a week, my balance is much better, I can walk longer, and I can stand up for longer periods of time. It's like getting a good share of my life back"

Cal B. Patient

"I have neuropathy and I have been a patient of Dr. Ken's for a couple of months now. I couldn't walk before. My feet wouldn't work. I've been doing the program, and that's the most important thing: do the program, and do it everyday! Morning, and afternoon, set your schedule and do it because I have results, and I can now walk!"

Sandra T. Patient

"I have been coming to Dr. Ken for about two months and I really wanted him to help me with neuropathy in my feet. I was wondering if he could help me with that because I've been told you can never change that, but I tried. I am already 50% better! I can feel if I have anything infected in my toes which I could never feel before and I can now! I appreciate his help very much!"

Cynthia N. Patient